Pausing for Paws

Pausing for Paws

Though my neighbourhood maintains wild aspects (coyotes, racoons, etc.) pretty sure this little guy was on their way home


No photos, please

Back in April, a friend of mine asked if I could photograph her grandmother’s backyard. J’s family was prepping the house to sell, after her grandmother’s passing. J had spent a lot of her childhood at the house though, with many an afternoon passed dreaming in the boughs of the cherry tree. She wanted to capture a few images of the tree before the house sold; she knew that the new owners would surely cut the tree down. The bark was weathered like aged skin, and needed a post to prop up one of its branches. Not yet in bloom, I tried to photograph the tree in the evening light. It wasn’t ideal, and I was frustrated that I couldn’t capture the image I felt J wanted.
So instead I turned to her dog, Chevy. A mixed breed, I’ve known Chevy since she was a puppy. She loves feet and going to the dog park. She was not impressed with having to sit and wait as a stranger moved through a familiar place making unfamiliar noises. Having given up on the tree, I started to notice the sun lighting all the nuances in Chevy’s fur. When she was turned just so, her amber eyes looked like they were illuminated from behind. And thus the photoshoot turned from perch to pet.

I enjoy the photo below because it’s as if Chevy’s going, “Awww, mom! Another photo? Do I have to?”